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Custom Made Software Solutions (Desktop / Web-Based Applications) : This is our core expertise, with more than 20 years of software design and development, we have developed many applications ranging from payroll, inventory, requisition, reservations for hotels, and airlines, We have developed solutions for monitoring staff attendance, vehicle workshop management, tour operations and many others. We have the capacity to develop any desktop as well as web based and e-commerce solutions. We take pride in the delivery of working software solutions. We can develop flexible custom made solutions that work best for you. We are flexible, we collect and implement new ideas into your existing solutions.

Website Development : We do web design and development, we use Microsoft development tools such as ASP.NET, Silver Light, Databases : SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL among other resources such as javascript, php, flash, Joomla etc. Check out the following sites among which we have done :


We also develop Desktop and web based applications and solutions including : Inventory, Requisition, Purchases, Procurement Solutions, ,HR Management, Assets Management systems, among others

Database Systems Support Services; Installations, backup and restoration services. We have long experience in the design, development and maintenance of commercial databases such as Oracle, MS Sql Server, and other database such as MySQL, MS Access. We offer services to develop new ones as well as maintain your existing databases, We ensure your database has working and reliable backup procedures and that your backup files contain up-todate data in case the files are used for recovery in the future, which many company ignore but get disappointed later.

Sourcing for Computer Hardware and Software Systems : Buying computers can be a complex task, to avoid over or under purchasing computing resources for your business, we will help you identify what you may need in respect to the nature of your business operations and work loads.

I.T Systems Support (Hardware & Software) : Computer and its related hardware such as printers, scanners require frequent maintenance to ensure they are in perfect working condition. We offer preventive maintenance services to ensure your computer assets are protected and secure at all times.

Networking : We offer computer networking services, we use coaxial cable or wireless network technologies.

Data Warehousing & Data Mining : A data warehouse is a database used for conducting Business Intelligence (BI) analsis and generate management reports . It is a central repository of data collected from offline, online and real-time data, from specific or certian sections or department of a company. The purpose for this is to generate analysis reports by use with management who are concerned with the business trends. Simple as well as complex tools can be used to build data warehouses for your business. Data mining technics are used to process the data in the data warehouse to generate various reports for analysis. We can build data warehouses for your business and develop datamining solutions to dig and discover valuable knowledge about your business trend from the vast data you have in your company.

Computer Training : Computer systems and solutions have become an intergral part in businesses. Many unskilled and skilled workers do not have adequate knowledge to liverage the power of computer systems. As a result many use computer systems as a recording resource in their place of work. We offer specialised training to help your staff make a better use of your computer systems, and appreciate that the computer systems can be used as a decision support resources other than simple automation resources. We train your staff to make better use of your existing applications : email systems, applications and databases.

Project Management (Software, Database, Networking developments) : Project management is the art of planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and mobilizing resources to achieve a comon objective in a project. There is need for good resource management to ensure allocated resources are utilised according to plan and the project is completed in time widthin desired budgets. We offer project management services, to help you meet your business objectives.

Project Post-Mortem : A project post-mortem is a process usually performed at the conclusion of a project to evaluate resource utilisation, risks, and methodologies used. The objective being to identify deviations against plan, mitigation of risks encounted. Development of better processes of operations with reduced risks and costs. We at Mawenzi offer these services to help you undestand your strength and weaknesses so that you can prepare better for a future project.

Market Research : Understanding the market trends, markent demands and customer preferences helps management to strategise operations, plan development and improvement of existing products and services. We help business organisations conduct surveys for both products and services.


Operational mistakes can be embarrassing, frustrating, and fatal to your bussiness!

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